Top Professional Networking Tips

Be open to meet new people

Talk to everyone. some of the best connections come from unexpected places or people. Take advantage of local professional networking events. Check with school’s employment office for events in your area.

Socialize on Social media

These day internet have made it very easy to connect with people.There are  many social media that enable us to engage with each other personally and professionally So socialize in social media.

Stay in touch and follow up the people

Being great at networking is to build relationships. Don’t treat a person as a means to an end. Find something in common so that there’s something other than work to talk about. It’s also a good idea to get in touch when they or their company achieve an accomplishment. Getting in touch every month or so keeps you on their mind.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help and favor.

Most people in the position to help students and young professionals with their careers are happy to do it. Someone might have helped them with their career when they were trying for it so don’t be scared to talk to them and ask for help. Whether it’s an informational interview, introductions, resume feedback, or general advice about career paths , the connection and information you gain can be invaluable.

Keep networking contacts

Every time you meet new people keep track of people and make contact lists.


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