Networking Pitfalls

Social media is not substitute for the face-to-face connection

A Social media is a great Platform.  People use it a lot but it is just a tool. You might meet someone new or reconnect with someone that you haven’t seen in years using social media, but you need to do face-to-face connection to build a trusted relationship.  We can spend a lot of time in social media with minimal results if we are not careful. Though useful, social media needs to be used in  with face-to-face meetings.


Not doing any research when going to Events.

If someone shows up to the events not even knowing about the event and organizers it creates bad first impressions before you get to the event make sure to do some research on who might be there. This can often be done via online.Also by saying a few things that shows you know something about them shows to them you are a interested and responsible person.



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